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About us

The Forwall store is based on the experience of one of its largest partners, being one of the largest manufacturers of decorative articles in Europe since 2009. Forwall products are mainly produced in the plant with a total area of ​​10,300 sq m. The production plant operates in a two-shift system, and considering the increasing number of orders from the store, 24/7 work is planned. The production is based primarily on HP LATEX 3500 devices. It is currently 13 printing machines that, thanks to the combination of a new generation of latex inks and heads as well as a new method of printing, drying and fixing prints, guarantee productivity together with versatility. The high performance of these devices allows you to print up to 120 m² / hour. and uninterrupted printing for 12 hours. Forwall has at its disposal warehouses of raw materials with a total area of ​​1400m2 and dispatch warehouses with a total area of ​​800m2, all equipped with high storage racks.

The entire Forwall shopping process is based on a modern IT system that allows to realize orders in real time, starting from the automatic order of production of the Customer's order, ending with its shipment. This guarantees the highest speed and reliability of customer orders.